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Name: Hollis L. Edwards
Age: 18
Gender: male
Race: African American
Height: 5'11 1/2
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: short, even all around, faded at sides( looks like chris browns)
Nationality: Human
Accessories: earing in left ear, a long metal chain around his neck with his dog tags attatched to it with his old jail i.d. number on it. black stunna shades, which he wears on and off. black gloves with the fingers cut off that have carbon fiber metal laced on the inside.
Clothing: baggy usnc standerd issue camo pants, a black tank top with a tank top style bulletproof vest over it
Appearance: has an athletic, very ripped, generally muscular, mainly in the abs. has one slash on his left eyebrow, and three on his right.these slahes stand for 13, the number of friends hes lost, the amount of people hes killed with his fists in prison fights, the day he was arrested and the day he was drafted. a tattoo on his left pec that says, "laff now, cry later" and one on his right shoulder that says "R.I.P S.W." with a stone cross behind it. has a young pretty-boy type face with some visable chin hairs. has light brown skin. has a deep voice
Personality: Doesnt much care for the army, for the simple fact that he was drafted. very unpatriotic, he pretends to be sometimes, but it is only sarcasm. he is usually smiling, and always joking around.deep downhe is hurt because of the loss of his friends, and mainly his cusin sheldon williams. because of this, he usually gets in fights with those who aggitate him, and has quite a temper. he constantly works out to get stronger. he is usually very active with others. he is also a ladies man, and is sometimes considered a womanizer. he never leaves a man behind, but will often rush into battle alone. some call him crazy. others call him goofy. he was drafted out of prison.it is said because he was undisputed in fighting out of all the juvinile centers and prisons in his region. he was drafted two months after he had been moved from juvi to prison.because of this , he is often mistreated by higher ranking officers, and streight-laced recruits.

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Hollis Edwards
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