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 specs for UNSC PISTOLS

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PostSubject: specs for UNSC PISTOLS   specs for  UNSC PISTOLS Icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 8:29 pm

three versions of the pistol

M6D:Useful in almost any situation. 2x zoom makes it good for sniping, and great for headshots. Also effective at close range.
Technical specifications

Handheld, Single Handed

Damage Per Hit

* High (against shielded enemies)
* Very high (Flesh damage)
* Overall Damage: High

Magazine Size
12 rounds

Maximum Ammunition
132 rounds or 11 magazines

Accuracy: high

Range:medium range

M6C:Stripped-down version of M6D and now dual-wieldable. Lacks scope so not as effective at long range, but still effective at headshots. Does less damage per round than M6D but has higher rate of fire.
Handheld, Single Handed

Damage Per Hit

Magazine Size
12 Rounds

Maximum Ammunition

* 60 Rounds or 5 Magazines (Single-Wielded)
* 120 Rounds or 10 Magazines (Dual Wielded)



* Maximum Effective range: Between 19 and 23 meters
* Maximum range: Between 50 and 100 meters

M6G:Similar to M6C as it is dual-wieldable and lacks a scope. However, it has a decreased magazine size (from 12 to 8 rounds per magazine), lower rate of fire and increased damage per round.

Handheld, Single Handed (Dual Wieldable)

Damage Per Hit

* High (shielded enemies)
* Very High or instant kill* (flesh damage, *headshots)
* Overall Damage: Medium-High

Magazine Size
8 Rounds

Maximum Ammunition

* 40 Rounds or 6 magazines (Single wielded)
* 80 rounds or 12 magazines (Dual wielded)


Close to Medium

* 50 meters (152.5 ft)
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specs for UNSC PISTOLS
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