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 Halo Ranking System

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PostSubject: Halo Ranking System   Halo Ranking System Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 10:00 pm

Okay well the site is self explanatory. This is a Halo RPG site dedicated to Halo (like you dont already know that XD) Here are the main rulez.

2) Do not threaten anyone out of character
3) No random fighting
4) No meaningless debates (XD you know what I mean)
5) Have fun Twisted Evil

Now for the hard part, the ranking system of the game. It will be in accordance with the Halo Ranking.
Here's the Ranks http://haloplants.forumotion.com/halo-rules-f1/halo-rank-list-t4.htm
Now for the Ranks them selves:
Humans can have Battle Rifles, Aliens can have Plasma Rifles, Brutes can have Brute Plasma Rifle. Each get 3 grenades for their appropriate race.

Private-Private(grade 2)
Can use any primary weapon and 5 grenades.

Corporal-Sargent(grade 3)
Humans can choose any primary weapon or double hand-handle weapons, Aliens can choose any primary weapons ones or double hand-handle weapons, and Brutes can choose any primary weapon or double hand-handle weapons. Each gets 6 grenades for their appropriate race

Gunnery Sargent-Gunnery Sargent (class 3)
Everyone can now choose a heavy weapon or the previous style of combination.

Gunnery Sargent (class 4) aka Master Sargent
Here is where you must make a hard choice, everyone can have two primary weapons, one hand-handle weapon, and 8 grenades.

Lieutenant-Colonel (class 4)
In charge of all below them, can have one primary weapon, one heavy weapon, one hand-handle weapon, and 10 grenades from any race or a previous combination. Also can command a small airship.

Brigadier-5 Star General
Can command a Spaceship and use any previous combination.
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Halo Ranking System
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